As a volunteer organization, the best way to reach us is via email, come to a meeting, or join our email list. These are some of the office-holders for Worts of Wisdom:

Club Officers

Will Imholte | President
Alvaro Garcia de Gorodo | President of Vice…
Scott Satterthwaite | Treasurer
Brian Schar | Secretary
Scott Angel | VP Social Presence
Rob & dWiGhT | VPs of Education
Toni & Lisa | VPs of Diversity
Jon Kissinger | VP Hosted Competitions
Howard Clearfield | VP Competitions
Jim Schmalzried | VP Events
John Wheeler | Previous Past President

The WoW List

Do you want to be a fly on the wall and be notified of all upcoming WoW events? Complete the form on the right to join our email distribution list for regular notices and group discussions/digressions on (mostly) things beer.

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